Wait but also I have a theory that they broke up just so they wouldn’t have to open for NIN and Soundgarden they were like “nah man fuck it” and just like kamikaze’d


All I can really say about DG breaking up is that I honestly think Stefan and Zach are separating themselves from the project to work on something different (and maybe even better). They’re artists, and that’s just what artists do— adapt and create new things. They said themselves that DG has become the best it can be, and while I won’t know if I agree until the second half of their latest (last?) lp comes out, I can’t change their decision.

I have complete and utter faith in the members of DG. Their music has fueled me creatively and nursed me emotionally (as fuckin weird as that sounds) for years, and I’m so grateful for what they’ve given us in the time they’ve worked on this project. I know they messed around a lot and have a reputation of not caring about anything but their music’s been fuckin real. You can’t create art like that without caring.

And that’s why if this, too, turns out to be a hoax of some sort, DG will still have my full support. And if it’s not, I can’t possibly be sad about it when I’ve had the privilege of experiencing truly awesome music. DG is and always will be one of the most important bands to me, even when I’m an old lady (especially when I’m an old lady?). But something tells me that this isn’t the last we’ll see of these two.

I had a lot to say it turns out



omg you know bjork picked the organ on “Big Dipper” she was like *icelandic elf voice* umm excyuse me, I have organ on my iPad you must put on song, I scream you scream

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I am absolutely diggin this new Death Grips release. I was a little skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure which direction they were going in with their sound but I was not disappointed. And Bjork being featured is a yes.

Angel babies I will never doubt you again.


Of Montreal was a blast and a half. Their set list contained a lot of really unexpected songs (Faberge Falls???? Disconnect the Dots????!!!) considering they mostly stuck to Hissing Fauna and Sylvianbriar at their last NY concert. There were a lot of trippy theatrics, as there should be. It was also hecka loud due to the odd location and set-up of the stage that had speakers blasting directly into the ears of whoever wasn’t directly in front of Kevin at the mic. The crowd annoyed me a bit (mostly because the guy next to me kept staring at me and frowning as I danced, making me feel the self-consciousness I went to the concert to escape— and the people in front of us must have been about seven feet tall without the heels they were wearing) but that’s a personal problem. The man in front of me was very short and I accidentally breathed on his neck and disturbed him and I was very sorry. The venue (Le Poisson Rouge) was weird and was the most uncomfortable venue I’ve ever been to but I would go there just to have drinks or something. But it was all worth it because they closed with an absolutely insane full-length performance of The Past is a Grotesque Animal and it was perfect. Maybe a bit too long. Otherwise perfect. 

Dream Tiger’s frontwoman is adorable and their opening performance was very enjoyable. I don’t know if they’re opening for any more oM concerts but if they are there’s no reason not to go. 

9/10 because the crowd pissed me off (it would be less but I’m not that hateful and I probably would have liked the people if I talked to them)



"man why are you so addicted to death grips"



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[weak indie kid doing an impersonation of MC Ride voice] bitch!!! haha.

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Kevin Barnes sings in a British accent I’m not fuckin trippin